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IVA Healthcare

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company Iva Healthcare Pvt Ltd has been one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, wholesalers, and traders since the establishment in the year 2008 at Panchkula, Haryana. Iva Healthcarecertified with the WHO-GMP for good manufacturing practice certificate, which makes it a trustable and enormous organization in the pharma industry. IVA Healthcare Company, which is to achieve heights beyond any comparison and has developed a great name and definite credibility in the pharma industry.

Iva Healthcare has a capacious warehouse that spreads over a large area and is connected to national highways to enable the delivery of our products at every corner of the country. We have segmented our unit into various sections to enable the systematic storage of our products in a streamlined manner. Proper temperature is maintained in the storage area to keep the quality intact and ensure the long shelf life of our products

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    For quite a while Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company Iva Healthcare has distributed almost all the states of the country through the Pharma Franchisee network. Iva Healthcare has made its best hold in the region from the PCD Franchise business. Today, the quality of IVA Healthcare’s pharma products, product filters, and reasonable prices are within the reach of customers. From the company’s perspective, note that the products have been built according to changing requirements. The company has this update fast and receives excellent customer retention and profit from repeat sequence.

    Our Divisions

    Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company Iva Specialty:

    Our production, administration, quality control, and marketing departments are supervised by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who strive towards a quality oriented commitment.

    Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company Iva in Quality:

    We are commanded by our reputable customers to meet the full quality commitments. Quality Assurance is the trademark of our company and which makes us the first choice of our customers.


    Before you start any business, you have to meet all the requirements of that specific industry. For a pharma franchise, you will have to look after certain requirements, including:

    • GST Number: Register your firm under the Goods and Service tax (GST) number.
    • Drug License: You can get this license from your state drug controller. It is a necessity for medicine-related transactions.

    When a company authorizes another individual to trade its products using its brand name, you can call it a Pharma Franchise Venture. The franchise owner gets possession while the company still has ownership.

    WHO-GMP certificates are of great importance. GMP certificate tells about the quality of the product being maintained in every department. WHO certificate indicates that the firm is also promoting formations which meet international quality standards. 

    Monopoly rights give its holders the right and freedom in the market regarding a specific product in a particular industry. One with monopoly rights doesn’t have any competition and can leverage all the profits by themselves.

    Availing of pharma business opportunities would require you to have a background in pharma. Additionally, you would need some experience in sales. Medicine wholesalers, doctors, medical representatives, chemists, and retailers can also apply for Pharma franchises. A previous experience in pharmacy or academic medical background can also be an advantage.

    You need a drug license to deal with drugs, and you can obtain it from the drug controller. It is also a requisite to commence a pharma business. The drug license can depend on different conditions associated with the premises and a competent individual. 

    There are two kinds of drug licenses- retail drug licenses and wholesale drug licenses. You would need a retail drug license to sell drugs as a retailer. Similarly, a wholesale drug license is a requirement if you want to commence a wholesale business.

    Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise do not have a major difference in them. The only way they are different is by the scale of work. The eligibility to embark on any of these businesses can also differ. 


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