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Terms and Conditions for IVA Healthcare

IVA Healthcare is a pharmaceutical manufacturer with WHO-GMP, ISO ensured office situated in Panchkula, Haryana. We offer various products, including Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Cardiac Diabetic Tablets, and many others. This large number of products are exceptionally successful, highly demanded, clinically tried and precisely created. Supported by an exceptionally capable group of experts, we endeavour to serve our worldwide clients with the most extreme fulfilment. Here is the set of terms and conditions we run IVA Healthcare on:


Before you purchase from or begin taking part in or utilising the site, we assume that the client has totally studied, comprehended and acknowledged the understanding. If you don’t consent to or need to be limited by understanding, you probably won’t access or utilise the site.


The site goes about as a simple platform or venue for our individuals to arrange or communicate for purchase, advancement, and other association arrangements via finding organizations to exchange with through our online trade.

We don’t participate in the genuine exchange that requires area among the buyers and dealers. Hence, we are not involved with any agreement available to be purchased or haggled among buyers and merchants.

All exchanges will be the obligation of the individuals, as it were. This arrangement will not be considered to deliver any association, joint association or other joint endeavor organization among IVA Healthcare and other parties.


Clients demonstrate any individual or association element/association that legitimately works in India or different countries uses and has the right to utilise the arrangements presented by us at IVA Healthcare. Our administrations are offered exclusively to these individuals or associations who can type legitimately official agreements underneath the material regulation; consequently, clients ought not to be a minor according to Indian Regulations, I. e., clients have to be at least 18 years or older to be qualified to utilize administrations.

We exhort clients despite the fact that they must adhere to/keep the associated regulations to get to the site. We do not consider ourselves responsible for the reachable results welcomed by your way of behaving as long as necessary. IVA Health may, in its only tact, deny its services to anyone whenever. The assistance isn’t proposed for a brief time or indefinitely suspended individuals from the site.


This understanding applies to the client on the off chance that clients are visitors, enlisted – without cost or paid clients who access the site for any objective. It also applies to any legitimate element you may address underneath genuine or evident power. Clients could utilize this site exclusively for their own or inward purposes.

This understanding applies to all IVA Healthcare administrations given on the site, with any additional terms and conditions that may be pertinent to the specific assistance used/got to by clients. In the event of disagreement or irregularity among any interpretation of the agreements, the arrangements of the agreement’s content to such specific service will be taken into consideration.


IVA Healthcare could adjust, change, update, or alter this arrangement now and again with no earlier information to clients. The revised and repeated agreements of purpose will find success quickly on posting. If you don’t follow the changes, you must discontinue using the service. Your nonstop utilisation of the assistance will mean acknowledging the changed terms.


IVA Healthcare is the legitimate licensee and sole proprietor of every content present on the site. Site content material shows its plan and style, video, designs, sound, pictures, text, format, etc. The site content displays the exchange of rights into property freedoms safeguarded falling in whole copyright and different regulations. All title, proprietorship and licensed innovation freedoms in the site and its substance material will remain with us, IVA Healthcare, its partners or licensors of IVA Healthcare content material, as the case may be.

All privileges not in any case asserted beneath this understanding or by IVA Healthcare are thusly saved. The specification present in this site is expected exclusively to provide normal subtleties for the confidential utilization of the user, who acknowledges total obligation for its utilization. Our firm doesn’t address or support the precision or dependability of any details or promotions contained on, circulated through, or connected, downloaded or got to from any of the administrations contained on this site, or the great nature of any things, details or different parts got or shown by you as a result of a commercial or some other information or furnished in or regarding the help.

We acknowledge no liability regarding any mistakes or oversights or for the results of the use of this information. The information present on this site is being presented “with no guarantees,” with no guarantee of fulfilment, precision, practicality or of the results got from the utilization of these subtleties, and without any guarantee of any sort, express or suggested, which incorporates, however not confined to guarantees of efficiency, merchantability and qualification for a particular objective. Nothing in this document will substitute for the independent examination and the sound, specialized and organized judgement of the clients. In no situation will we be at risk for any significant, corrective, coincidental, immediate or backhanded harms of any kind concerning the help, the items and the things. Clients of this site ought to thus recognize that any dependence upon any happy material will be their only danger.

The details introduced here have been combined from distributed sources and freely circulated. We regard these sources and are not the slightest bit endeavoring to intrude on the particular copyrights or associations of these elements. IVA Healthcare saves the right, in its only watchfulness and with no commitment, to make enhancements to or correct any oversights or errors in any part of the provisions of the assistance.


You consent to leverage IVA Healthcare’s website for legitimate purposes. It is not intended to participate in any lead that confines or represses some other consumer from utilising or partaking in the website. You will not post on or communicate through our website. It includes any disparaging or harmful assertions; proclamations that undermine others; publicising or different types of sales; or expressions that are biassed, scornful, racially hostile, or that embrace or support criminal behaviour. You make a deal to avoid participating in any direction regarding your utilisation of our website that is tricky or generally disregards any regulation, including those overseeing rivalry or exchange rehearsals. You make a deal to avoid messing with IVA Healthcare or its usefulness. You will not publish or share any data, document or programming that contains damaging data, information or components.


The content being used in this site belongs to IVA Healthcare, aside from the outsider substance material and connection to the outsider site on our site.

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